How to start in photography

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

As in the matrix everything is started with choice, in photography everything started with choice, choice of objective, choice of speciality, choice of gear, choice of composition, choice of light and more important choice of practice.

Image: of New York skyline from top of the rock observatory deck during blue hour.

Start with setting your objective of photographing

I heard always a similar answer when asked someone regard his objectives, " I want a camera capable of photographing everything". Always my comment on that it is nice to have everything but you will waste resources, effort and time. you have to choose the main objective of starting photography either as a hobby or a profession. you have to choose which is your focus topics, is it landscape, astro, nature and wildlife, wedding, portrait and head-shot, group and events, environmental portrait, products, food , sport or finally architecture

Start with minimal gear

A hard lesson every photographer will learn that his needs will change according to his learning curve and the more he/ she progress in photography so my advice start with with minimalistic approach as possible start with a good camera body, a good lens(s), tripod and a wireless shutter release, invest in a good carbon fibre tripod and a good wireless shutter release, those are a good investment and usually last for years if done correctly.

Composition, editing and gear(s)

the holy triad of photography, focus more on starting with priority focus on Composition followed by editing skills before moving to upgrade your gears.

finally more important is a simple trick called practice, spend more and more time on practice on regular basis rather than wasting time keeping your gear covered with dust.

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