About my passion


Born and raised in the flat country of Egypt, I was not interested in photography till my first visit to the high mountains of Switzerland for the first time in 2008 with my first camera (a semi-pro camera Sony H3) I fall in love with the landscape, I was passionate about photography despite my professional career, I decided to improve my skills for better landscape photography progressing year over year.

I started to travel around the world seeking a beautiful landscape shot, traveling around the world to Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Italy, Germany, Canada, and the United States of America. Locally I have done many trips and travel in the country where I live (Saudi Arabia).

Then I started to prepare photography tours for friends and hobbyist enthusiastic photographers in my region.

I focus my passion on the landscape, Nature, Astro, long exposure, and cityscape photography.

I am planning Photography tours in Canada, Italy, Iceland, Greenland, and Norway. Through those tours, I will share a comprehensive experience of adventure which often results in dramatic, unique, and compelling Photography.