Riyad Al-Malahi

Landscape photographer

Thank you for spending a lot of time teaching me how to be a landscape photographer from scratch. You are incredibly good at putting everyone at ease and getting them to smile genuine smiles during photography trips. I truly have nothing but the highest praise and appreciation for all that you did for me. You were not just professional and superbly talented, you were fun to learn photography with, never obtrusive, always smiling, and seemed to be truly enjoying sharing your long experience along with others. 


Amr Manaa

Traveler, adventurer and Photographer

I 've traveled with Sadek across three continents and more than a dozen of countries, his persistence, and resilience to achieve his plan and goal in photography is astonishing, as an amateur photographer have learned a lot from him with my focus on technique and skills he taught me made me achieve a leapfrog in my photography skills


Sameh Mabrouk

 Traveler and photographer

Really fascinated by his ability and experience in planning and selecting the best spots for both travel and photography, how he plans to reach those in the shortest and most enjoyable way, preparing the required number of spots, the timing of visits, choosing optimum hiking/climbing paths, and experience in selecting the best angle of photography everything was arranged, wisely and accurately.


Tamer Saif

a Traveler 

Joined Sadek three times in more than six countries and I have enjoyed one thing, I do not need to think about anything just enjoying the amazing landscape and his photography, chilling out with him is an amazing experience in best spots in the world with minimal cost, I can not imagine till now that I have visited best of Czheck, Austria and Italy in less than five days. traveling with him is a great experience that should be considered.